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    Production Certification
    Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date --- Expired Date Verified
    SGS SGS SGS Description:Ceramic cup GB 4806.4-2016-Sensory (Appearance:Glazed product with uniform color,no decoration flack off) PASS GB4806.4-2016-Specific migration of lead and cadmium PASS 2020-02-24 ~ 2020-03-01
    Picture Trademark No. Trademark Name Trademark Category Available Date --- Expired Date Verified
    misanli 31968821 misanli Home & Garden>>Bathroom Products>>Bathroom Sets 2019-04-20 ~ 2029-04-20 Verified

    Research & Development

    There is/are Less than 5 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

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